Rrose | Silent Servant Air Texture Vol 7
Genre: Leftfield

Rrose / Silent Servant - Air Texture Vol 7

Air Texture

Release Date: 12/02/2020

Cat No: AIR007LP

Format: Vinyl


  • rrose & james fei - for bass clarinet 8.97 (rrose version)
  • ron morelli - psychic harms of economic deprivation
  • laurel halo - dies ist ein
  • anthony child - decision making effort forced compliance behavior
  • not waving - human disfunction
  • charlemagne palestine - drruuhhnnn innn duhh mooooohhnnn
  • luke slater - when it twists
  • phase fatale - nightmare in la
  • june & an-i - afterlife
  • silent servant - new world
  • octo octa - hallway visions
  • function - zahlensender (ssb)

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More about Air Texture Vol 7

Air Texture released Air Texture Vol 7 on Wed Feb 12 2020. The 12 track Leftfield release features Rrose, and Silent Servant.

Air Texture has released vinyl by Steffi, Martyn, Rrose, Silent Servant, Anthony Naples, DJ Python, Nuri, Briki, Azu Tiwaline, and DJ Mourad.

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