Modern Bliss

Modern Bliss

Roza Terenzi

Planet Euphorique 2020


  • Roza Terenzi - Jungle In The City
  • Roza Terenzi - Elevate
  • Roza Terenzi - Modern Bliss (Feat Ivy Barkakati)
  • Roza Terenzi - Yo-Yo
  • Roza Terenzi - That Track (Rewired Mix)
  • Roza Terenzi - Spiral
  • Roza Terenzi - Total Eclipse
  • Roza Terenzi - Eternal Lust
  • Roza Terenzi - My Reality Cheque Bounced (Feat DJ Zozi)

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More about this release

Planet Euphorique released Modern Bliss on 27 March 2020. The 9 track vinyl features Roza Terenzi.

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