Rodhad Mood
Genre: Leftfield

Rodhad - Mood


Release Date: 27/07/2020


Format: Vinyl


  • rodhad - floating wing beats flying between the clusters of trees without buoyoant
  • rodhad - he was beginning to despair of ever knowing
  • rodhad - like sleepwalkers ghosting through a dreamscape
  • rodhad - lions in the supermarket don't sound like humans
  • rodhad - misty fog covering the side window
  • rodhad - he or she will then drill into the pulp to reach the root canal
  • rodhad - a news report said the line carried 13,000 volts of electricity - into your brain
  • rodhad - the film is about a clown who leaves his circus & lives in a building near the railway station
  • rodhad - so she could play she wanted her to grow up in a nice house with a backyard
  • rodhad - as if by magic the drawings were rearranged
  • rodhad - he didn't seem the kind of guy who would just get talking to a stranger
  • rodhad - pigeons dancing on the roof
  • rodhad - when they returned home after midnight
  • rodhad - i wanted to hold her close & whisper in her ear that she'd be fine
  • rodhad - good bye my love

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More about Mood

WSNWG released Mood on Mon Jul 27 2020. The 15 track Leftfield release features Rodhad.

WSNWG has released vinyl by Antigone, Rodhad, O Phase, Vril, Lady Starlight, Rene Wise, Fadi Mohem, Ignez, Peryl, and Ufo95.