Recue Paramnesia EP
Genre: Leftfield

Recue - Paramnesia EP

Analogical Force

Release Date: 22/03/2024

Cat No: AF055

Format: Vinyl


  • recue - unrest
  • recue - paramnesia
  • recue - ciotach
  • recue - aridity
  • recue - menace

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More about Paramnesia EP

Some beautiful advanced modern electronics right here! For those who miss the days of Gescom and Skam records,Rephlex records and the early 2000 modern electronica. Finnish Recue makes his debut on Analogical Force with 'Paramnesia EP', exploring the murkier side of electronic soundscapes with distorted and gritty undertones and fierce advanced rhythms. His impeccable productions make this expedition a pleasant and comfortable ride that blurs boundaries between bass music, idm and reflective electro-nix. 'Paramnesia EP' takes you on a cinematic journey through post apocalyptic soundscapes full of deep bass, textures and nuances. Some of Paramnesia's tracks have accompanied Recue in his live sets, acting as a counterbalance for the most nolanesque moments, when the music starts driving the listener forward in full speed. Some have started as reworks of other material, gradually morphing into something completely different, leaving only a memory of something that never came to be. The release is the result of a dialogue and curation together with AF, and the end result is something that sits comfortably in the sound that is Recue and undertone that's Analogical Force.

Analogical Force released Paramnesia EP on Fri Mar 22 2024. The 5 track Leftfield release features Recue.

Analogical Force has released vinyl by Anodyne, Echo 106, Kettel, Dwaallicht, Shinra, Eod, Microlith, Daed, Rolando Simmons, Techdiff, Cignol, Gareth Clarke, Helena Hauff, Cco, and B12.