Randy Barracuda | Stiletti Ana Mlipuke
Genre: Techno

Randy Barracuda / Stiletti Ana - Mlipuke

Rat Life

Release Date: 23/09/2016

Cat No: RAT09

Format: Vinyl


  • mlipuke ii
  • mlipuke i
  • mlipuke iii
  • mlipuke (clatterbox remix)

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More about Mlipuke

Randy Barracuda & Stiletti-Ana present Mlipuke! "Mlipuke" is a misspelling of the Swahili word for explosion "Mlipuko". Explosive is also the word to describe the mixture of styles the Finnish duo put together. The combination of wild Afrobeat flavours and salty Scandinavian Funk results in a big bang of taste on the first bite. Take the cosmic ride throughout three different interpretations of Mlipuke and let the Afro Suomian energy flow! The remix of legendary British producer Clatterbox adds his unique brain dance mystery to the explosive cocktail and makes it boil over!

Rat Life released Mlipuke on Fri Sep 23 2016. The 4 track Techno release features Randy Barracuda, and Stiletti Ana.

Rat Life has released vinyl by Credit 00, Dunkeltier, The Pagan Rites, Leibiz, Sneaker, Mono Junk, Randy Barracuda, Stiletti Ana, Leibniz, Konstantin Tschechow, One Day In Metropia, Cuthead, Serial Error, Mr Incognito, and Westlake and Hayter.

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