Planisphere Definitive Transmissions
Genre: House

Planisphere - Definitive Transmissions

For Those That Knoe

Release Date: 07/02/2020

Cat No: KNOE91

Format: Vinyl


  • planisphere - is it tears or rain
  • planisphere - greys n blues
  • planisphere - illuminate
  • planisphere - reflexions
  • planisphere - silhouette
  • planisphere - shores
  • planisphere - neon reflexions
  • planisphere - illusions
  • planisphere - solid ground
  • planisphere - moonlit serenade
  • planisphere - new moon

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More about Definitive Transmissions

For Those That Knoe released Definitive Transmissions on Fri Feb 07 2020. The 11 track House release features Planisphere.

For Those That Knoe has released vinyl by Casey Tucker, Leigh Dickson, Lhas, Numonika, Sir Lord Commix, Derek Carr, Carl Finlow, Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, Canson, Jaime Read, Planisphere, Slaves Incorporated, Tom Gillieron, and Adj.