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Bossanova (30th Anniversary Edition)

Bossanova (30th Anniversary Edition)


4AD 2020


  • Pixies - Cecilia Ann
  • Pixies - Rock Music
  • Pixies - Velouria
  • Pixies - Allison
  • Pixies - Is She Weird
  • Pixies - Ana
  • Pixies - All Over The World
  • Pixies - Dig For Fire
  • Pixies - Down To The Well
  • Pixies - The Happening
  • Pixies - Blown Away
  • Pixies - Hang Wire
  • Pixies - Stormy Weather
  • Pixies - Havalina

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More about this release

4AD released Bossanova (30th Anniversary Edition) on 07 August 2020. The 14 track vinyl features Pixies.

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