Philip Galvin Jnr | The Parallel 393x001
Genre: Techno

Philip Galvin Jnr / The Parallel - 393x001

Label: 393

Release Date: 03/10/2018

Cat No: 393001

Format: Vinyl


  • Sub Osc - Philip Galvin Jnr
  • Lapping - Philip Galvin Jnr
  • Voyager - The Parallel
  • Ascender - The Parallel

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More about 393x001

393 released 393x001 on Wed Oct 03 2018. The 4 track Techno release features Philip Galvin Jnr, and The Parallel.

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393 has released vinyl by Philip Galvin Jnr, The Parallel, Derek Carr, Peter Sweeney, Tr One, and Life Recorder.