Paul St Hilaire / Rhauder
Reconstructed II

23 July 2018


Featuring Artists

Paul St Hilaire


Ion Ludwig

Melchior Productions Ltd


Stabilize ( Ion Ludwig Reconstruction ) - St Hilaire, Paul/rhauder

Control ( Steve O'sullivan Reconstruction ) - St Hilaire, Paul/rhauder

Dim Dim ( Melchior Productions Ltd Reconstruction ) - St Hilaire, Paul/rhauder

Sushitech released Reconstructed II on 23 July 2018. The 3 track vinyl features artists including Paul St Hilaire, Rhauder and remixes from artists including Ion Ludwig, Melchior Productions Ltd.

Paul St Hilaire, Rhauder, Ion Ludwig, Melchior Productions Ltd has released vinyl on Unanim, Tenth Circle, Cadenza, Metereze, Alphahouse, Burial Mix, Trelik, Aspect, Main Street, Deep Space Media, Eklo, Be Chosen, Black Catalogue, Motivbank, Ugold, Toi.Toi.Musik, Concealed Sounds, Stock 5, Intrusion Echospace, Sushitech.

The record label Sushitech has released vinyl by Bernd Krull, Monoaware, Mike Huckaby, Ion Ludwig, Mike, Russ Gabriel, Makam, Brother Vibe, Koljah, Leonel Castillo, Bluetrain, Blue Spirit, Steve Osullivan, Thor, John Beer, The Wise Caucasian, Benjamin Brunn, Norm Talley, Castillo. Leonel.

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