Paul Du Lac Dubbelbrein EP
Genre: Techno

Paul Du Lac - Dubbelbrein EP

Label: ADD

Release Date: 14/06/2018

Cat No: ADD001

Format: Vinyl


  • paul du lac - gut elixer
  • paul du lac - snake funk
  • paul du lac - ganzfeld cookie
  • paul du lac - bot (westside genesis mix)

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More about Dubbelbrein EP

The Rotterdam dj delivering four tracks of minimal amphetamine techno paranoia and autistic raving madness (check out that B2 track!), selected from a six-month period of weekly studio sessions in self-medicational hyperfocus mode, after officially being diagnosed disordered last summer. All on new label ADD (AttentionDeficitDisorder/AanDeDrugs), with 'Dubbelbrein' meaning 'second brain'.

ADD released Dubbelbrein EP on Thu Jun 14 2018. The 4 track Techno release features Paul Du Lac.

ADD has released vinyl by Paul Du Lac.

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