Paul Demarinis Songs Without Throats
Genre: Leftfield

Paul Demarinis - Songs Without Throats

Black Truffle

Release Date: 13/02/2019

Cat No: BT041LP

Format: Vinyl


  • paul demarinis - if god were alive (& he is) you could reach him by telephone
  • paul demarinis - r4t
  • paul demarinis - klaatu et tu
  • paul demarinis - eenie meenie chillie beenie
  • paul demarinis - novena
  • paul demarinis - mind power
  • paul demarinis - yellow yankee
  • paul demarinis - i want you
  • paul demarinis - vocal variety
  • paul demarinis - kokole
  • paul demarinis - cincinnati 1830-1850
  • paul demarinis - edison's piano
  • paul demarinis - 1936 the lecture of comrade stalin at the extraordinary 8th plenary congress about the draft concept of the constitution of the soviet union on november 25

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More about Songs Without Throats

Black Truffle released Songs Without Throats on Wed Feb 13 2019. The 13 track Leftfield release features Paul Demarinis.

Black Truffle has released vinyl by Keiji Haino, Jim Orourke, Oren Ambarchi, John Tilbury, Kassel Jaeger, James Rushford, Ricardo Villalobos, Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney, 3, 4 Had Been Eliminated, Alvin Curran, Arnold Dreyblatt, Charlemagne Palestine, and Crys Cole.