Partisan Midi | Nukubus Phono Abduction
Genre: Electro

Partisan Midi / Nukubus - Phono Abduction

Frustrated Funk

Release Date: 26/09/2019

Cat No: FRSD

Format: Vinyl


  • partisan midi - phono abduction
  • nukubus - europa (aux 88 detroit-mix)

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More about Phono Abduction

Frustrated Funk released Phono Abduction on Thu Sep 26 2019. The 2 track Electro release features Partisan Midi, and Nukubus.

Frustrated Funk has released vinyl by 214, Clatterbox, Erp, Federico Leocata, Goliath, Plant43, Seldom Seen, Versalife, Vita, Heinrich Dressel, Sound Of Mind, Erik Travis, Lost Trax, Itpdwip, and Adapta.

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