Parand Patient X
Genre: Electro

Parand - Patient X

Label: Specimen

Release Date: 13/09/2021

Cat No: SPEC022

Format: Vinyl


  • Roswell Saucer - PARAND
  • Synchrony - PARAND
  • Laboratory Program - PARAND
  • Half Life - PARAND
  • The Vault - PARAND
  • April 1976 - PARAND

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More about Patient X

Specimen released Patient X on Mon Sep 13 2021. The 6 track Electro release features Parand.

Specimen has released vinyl by Black Arts Circus, God Of The Machine, Arsonist Recorder, Sound Synthesis, Francois Dillinger, Datawave, Richard Easel, Cliff Dalton, and Parand.