Osunlade Moss
Genre: House

Osunlade - Moss


Release Date: 25/03/2021

Cat No: YSD108

Format: Vinyl


  • osunlade - tom's bar
  • osunlade - moss
  • osunlade - the roads of kenya
  • osunlade - moss (part 2)
  • osunlade - elyodcire
  • osunlade - lizards
  • osunlade - flwn
  • osunlade - oohshit
  • osunlade - selfie stick
  • osunlade - moss (my luva) (part 3)
  • osunlade - lollies & weed

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More about Moss

Yoruba released Moss on Thu Mar 25 2021. The 11 track House release features Osunlade.

Yoruba has released vinyl by Afefe Iku, Atelewo, Osunlade, Rafael Moraes, Torquato, Boghosian, Toto Chiavetta, DJ Fudge, Hallex M, Omar, Djinji Brown, Git, Brooklyn Red, Lady Alma, and Mike Steva.

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