Orlando Voorn Collabs 001
Genre: House

Orlando Voorn - Collabs 001


Release Date: 09/03/2018


Format: Vinyl


  • orlando voorn - ov remix) - paper jame (feat ittai barkai
  • orlando voorn - ov remix) - 1210 am (feat denizo
  • orlando voorn - it's gonna be a long nite (feat clang83)
  • orlando voorn - winter is coming (feat joel kehren)
  • orlando voorn - miss you
  • orlando voorn - the fellowship (feat santonio & mike anderson)
  • orlando voorn - what i do (feat soul doobie)
  • orlando voorn - 1210 am (feat denizo)

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More about Collabs 001

Housewax released Collabs 001 on Fri Mar 09 2018. The 8 track House release features Orlando Voorn.

Housewax has released vinyl by Alex Danilov, Mome, Rio Padice, Chris Wood, Meat, Duijn and Douglas, Elbee Bad, The Prince Of Dance Music, Gari Romalis, Hvl, John Massiande, Luv Jam, Muanda, Orlando Voorn, and Rawdio.

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