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You Want

You Want

Omar S

FXHE 2020


  • Omar S - You Want The Best
  • Omar S - A Toast To Momma Rose (Crowd Claps Jacked By Norm Talley)
  • Omar S - That'S Lil 'Boy (Feat Ian Finkelstein)
  • Omar S - Second Life (Feat John Fm)
  • Omar S - The Sound Of Neptune
  • Omar S - Don'T Get In My Way
  • Omar S - This Love Is 4 Real
  • Omar S - Oops
  • Omar S - Mandela'S Gold
  • Omar S - Hear Me Out (Feat John Fm)
  • Omar S - Ambiance (Feat John Cloud Tm & L'Renee)
  • Omar S - Coming Home Mum
  • Omar S - 1993

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More about this release

FXHE released You Want on 05 February 2020. The 13 track vinyl features Omar S.

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