October Black Body Radiation
Genre: Techno

October - Black Body Radiation


Release Date: 25/11/2015


Format: Vinyl


  • ritual
  • black narcissist
  • body chant
  • blood feud
  • transient bodies
  • synchronized blues
  • slow release
  • syrup

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More about Black Body Radiation

Skudge released Black Body Radiation on Wed Nov 25 2015. The 8 track Techno release features October.

Skudge has released vinyl by Aardvarck, Fishermen, Jared Wilson, Mrsk, October, Rivet, Skudge, Stephen Brown, Alex Cortex, Cliff Lothar, Innerspace Halflife, Mono Junk, Smell The Flesh, Daniel Andreasson, and DJ October.

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