Nurse With Wound Lumbs Sister
Genre: Leftfield

Nurse With Wound - Lumbs Sister

Label: Nordung

Release Date: 30/09/2020

Cat No: NOR2

Format: Vinyl


  • nurse with wound - finis terra
  • nurse with wound - the grave & beautiful name of sadness (lumb mix)
  • nurse with wound - lumbs narcolepsy / lumbs misandry
  • nurse with wound - sticks bones knees
  • nurse with wound - the church of esoteric practices
  • nurse with wound - how to destroy angels ii (lumb mix)
  • nurse with wound - campo stella

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More about Lumbs Sister

Nordung released Lumbs Sister on Wed Sep 30 2020. The 7 track Leftfield release features Nurse With Wound.

Nordung has released vinyl by Nurse With Wound, Der Blutharsch, Madre Del Vizio, and Mephisto Walz.

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