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Muslimgauze Emak Bakia
Genre: Leftfield

Muslimgauze - Emak Bakia

Release Date: 24/02/2021

Cat No: VOX57

Format: Vinyl


  • Afghans (Rev V01) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • YA (Rev V01) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • Missing Tibetans (Rev V01) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • YA (Rev V02) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • Afghans (Rev V02) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • Missing Tibetans (Rev V02) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • Lahra Salem (Rev V01) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • YA (Rev V03) - MUSLIMGAUZE
  • Afghans (Rev V03) - MUSLIMGAUZE

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More about this release

Other Voices released Emak Bakia on Wed Feb 24 2021.

The 9 track Leftfield release features Muslimgauze.

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