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California Son

California Son


BMG 2019


  • Morrissey - Morning Starship
  • Morrissey - Don'T Interrupt The Sorrow
  • Morrissey - Only A Pawn In Their Game
  • Morrissey - Suffer The Little Children
  • Morrissey - Days Of Decision
  • Morrissey - It'S Over
  • Morrissey - Wedding Bell Blues
  • Morrissey - Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets
  • Morrissey - Lady Willpower
  • Morrissey - When You Close Your Eyes
  • Morrissey - Lenny'S Tune
  • Morrissey - Some Say I Got Devil

More about this release

BMG released California Son on 24 May 2019. The 12 track vinyl features Morrissey.

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