Moor Mother Circuit City
Genre: Soul Jazz

Moor Mother - Circuit City

Don Giovanni

Release Date: 18/02/2021

Cat No: LPDG197

Format: Vinyl


  • moor mother - working machine - act 1
  • moor mother - circuit break - act 2
  • moor mother - time of no time - act 3
  • moor mother - no more wires - act 4

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More about Circuit City

Don Giovanni released Circuit City on Thu Feb 18 2021. The 4 track Soul Jazz release features Moor Mother.

Don Giovanni has released vinyl by Moor Mother, Mental Jewelry, Aye Nako, Big Eyes, California X, Fake Limbs, Laura Stevenson, Lee Bains Iii and The Glory Fires, Nude Beach, Outer Spaces, Pinkwash, Waxahatchee, Alice Bag, The Sissybears, and Zenizen.