Mike Parker Lustrations
Genre: Techno

Mike Parker - Lustrations

Label: Prologue

Release Date: 06/06/2013

Cat No: PRGLP 004

Format: Vinyl


  • Lustration One (Khonsu)
  • Lustration Two (Nor'easter)
  • Lustration Three (Atlantic)
  • Lustration Four (DaiKaiju)
  • Lustration Five
  • Lustration Six (Megalith)
  • Lustration Seven (Forms)
  • Lustration Eight (Contours)
  • Lustration Nine (Drums)
  • Lustration Ten (Pressure Zone)
  • Lustration Eleven (Sarychev)
  • Lustration Twelve (Dericho)

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More about Lustrations

Prologue released Lustrations on Thu Jun 06 2013. The 12 track Techno release features Mike Parker.

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