Mf Doom / Mf Doom
Operation Doomsday

20 October 2008


Featuring Artists

Mf Doom

Mf Doom


The Time We Faced Doom ( Skit )


Rhymes Like Dimes ( Feat Cucumber Slice )

The Finest ( Feat Tommy Gunn )

Back In The Days

Go With The Flow

Tick, Tick ( Feat Mf Grimm )

Red & Gold ( Feat King Ghidra )

The Hands Of Doom ( Skit )

Who You Think I Am? ( Feat X

Doom, Are You Awake? ( Skit )


Operation: Greenbacks ( Feat Megalon )

The Mic

The Mistery Of Doom ( Skit )

Dead Bent

Gas Drawls

? ( Feat Kurious )

Hero Vs Villain ( Feat E Mason

Metal Face released Operation Doomsday on 20 October 2008. The 19 track vinyl features artists including Mf Doom, Mf Doom.

Mf Doom, Mf Doom has released vinyl on Parallel Thought, Rhymesayers, Fondle Em, Record Makers, Fat Beats, Molemen, Shaman Work, Koch, Silver Age, Impose, Fat City, Stones Throw, Metal Face, Money Studies, Shaman Work Recordings, Dope Folks, Seven Heads, Redefinition, Nature Sounds.

The record label Metal Face has released vinyl by Mf Doom, Kmd, Dangerdoom.

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