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Malmo Traxx 001

Malmo Traxx 001

Luke Eargoggle / Obergman / Dip Shim / Sph Alliance / Babylon Barseback

Malmo Traxx 2020


  • Luke Eargoggle & Obergman - Boltzmann Machine
  • Dip Shim - Vattendrag
  • Sph Alliance - Utvandringen Fran Lockarp
  • Dip Shim - Kultje
  • Babylon Barseback - Tillvarons Pissoar

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More about this release

Malmo Traxx released Malmo Traxx 001 on 12 November 2020. The 5 track vinyl features Luke Eargoggle, Obergman, Dip Shim, Sph Alliance, and Babylon Barseback.

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