Louis Vi Earthling
Genre: Hip Hop

Louis Vi - Earthling

Hiyaself Recordings

Release Date: 25/05/2023


Format: Vinyl


  • louis vi - flirtin' with the earth
  • louis vi - it's ok (feat lex amor)
  • louis vi - orange skies (feat mick jenkins)
  • louis vi - f*ck how you feel
  • louis vi - cibrate
  • louis vi - god is a l*dy
  • louis vi - yonn manman late (feat moses boyd)
  • louis vi - take your shoes off (feat alex cosmo blake)
  • louis vi - needle in the ocean (feat oscar jerome)
  • louis vi - sommer (feat alex cosmo blake)
  • louis vi - till' mornin (feat bluestaeb & arena)
  • louis vi - purple sky samurai
  • louis vi - shotter called life (feat amahla)
  • louis vi - when i blow (feat alxndr london & greg paul)

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More about Earthling

Hiyaself Recordings released Earthling on Thu May 25 2023. The 14 track Hip Hop release features Louis Vi.

Hiyaself Recordings has released vinyl by Louis Vi.

Louis ViHiyaself Recordings