Local Suicide Eros Anikate
Genre: Disco

Local Suicide - Eros Anikate

Release Date: 20/05/2022

Cat No: IDI6LP

Format: Vinyl


  • local suicide - high buildings (with lee stevens)
  • local suicide - whispering (with curses)
  • local suicide - moustache (with skelesys)
  • local suicide - jam bounce release (with theus mago)
  • local suicide - hercules adonis
  • local suicide - phd in apology
  • local suicide - like follow subscribe (with hard ton)
  • local suicide - cobra wave (with kalipo)
  • local suicide - eros anikate (with lena platonos)

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More about Eros Anikate

Iptamenos Discos released Eros Anikate on Fri May 20 2022. The 9 track Disco release features Local Suicide.

Iptamenos Discos has released vinyl by Local Suicide.

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