Legowelt Pancakes With Mist
Genre: Techno

Legowelt - Pancakes With Mist


Release Date: 05/07/2021

Cat No: NW025

Format: Vinyl


  • legowelt - under a golden dome
  • legowelt - edelweis rheingold
  • legowelt - words are spoken but do not enlighten
  • legowelt - pancakes with mist
  • legowelt - side by side we ride against the hordes of edm
  • legowelt - shadows in the street life
  • legowelt - your angels drowned on the beach
  • legowelt - baking cookies in mendoza
  • legowelt - you are just a sad hologram projected from the edge of the universe
  • legowelt - when will all the morons disappear

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More about Pancakes With Mist

Nightwind released Pancakes With Mist on Mon Jul 05 2021. The 10 track Techno release features Legowelt.

Nightwind has released vinyl by Danny Wolfers, Ufocus, and Legowelt.

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