Legowelt Los Alamos Motel
Genre: House

Legowelt - Los Alamos Motel

Release Date: 03/04/2014

Cat No: PPU059

Format: Vinyl


  • Puzzles In Life
  • Videophone To Space
  • Cruise Till The Sun Shines
  • Los Alamos Motel

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More about Los Alamos Motel

Peoples Potential Unlimited released Los Alamos Motel on Thu Apr 03 2014. The 4 track House release features Legowelt.

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Peoples Potential Unlimited has released vinyl by Dazzle, Moon B, The Campfire, The Trash Company, Tom Noble, Uku Kuut, Benedek, California Flight Project, Evans Pyramid, Legowelt, Mike Kay, Pender Street Steppers, Psychic Mirrors, The Loni Gamble Band, and Lisa Warrington.