Kero / Marshall Applewhite
Sewer Tracks EP

22 January 2016


Featuring Artists


Marshall Applewhite


Murky Water

Rusty Drainpipe

Slime Kings

Septic Sludge

Detroit Underground released Sewer Tracks EP on 22 January 2016. The 4 track vinyl features artists including Kero, Marshall Applewhite.

Kero, Marshall Applewhite has released vinyl on Vortex Traks, Cryovac, Local Heat, How To Kill, Detroit Underground, Yo Sucka, Wild Oats, Blueprint, Kerohand A, Scuffed, Semantica, Clan Destine.

The record label Detroit Underground has released vinyl by Scan 7, Funckarma, Derek Michael, Funkstorung, Pulsewidthmod, Phoenecia, Marshall Applewhite, Delien, Richard Divine, Kritical Audio, Lars Fenin, Fluxion A D, Fayze, Kero, Annie Hall, Anklepants, K2, Oscar Mulero, Function.

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