Kassem Mosse WORKSHOP 32
Genre: Techno

Kassem Mosse - WORKSHOP 32


Release Date: 20/02/2023


Format: Vinyl


  • kassem mosse - track 1
  • kassem mosse - track 2
  • kassem mosse - track 3
  • kassem mosse - track 4
  • kassem mosse - track 5
  • kassem mosse - track 6
  • kassem mosse - track 7
  • kassem mosse - track 8
  • kassem mosse - track 9
  • kassem mosse - provide those ends

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More about WORKSHOP 32

Gunnar Wendel's Kassem Mosse project emerges from a period of relative silence with a double-disc release of intricate and mesmerizing club music.

Wendel's 2014 album under the moniker Kassem Mosse, Workshop 19, was a groundbreaking work that carved out a unique space in the realm of electronic music. Eschewing the prevalent lo-fi aesthetic of the time, Wendel's compositions showcased a sophisticated and nuanced approach to sonic strangeness. The resulting soundscapes served as an influential blueprint for many contemporary producers while retaining a distinctly personal character.

Nearly a decade later, Workshop 32 serves as a spiritual successor to its groundbreaking predecessor. Wendel's career has taken a winding path since 2014, with a slowed release schedule and a focus on collaborations. While these endeavors have yielded some of his most compelling work, they also exposed the challenges of evolving a sound so singular and innovative. Workshop 32 sees Wendel achieving a new career zenith, as he artfully manipulates rhythms and melodies into captivating nocturnal soundscapes.

Two key shifts distinguish Workshop 32 from its forebears. Firstly, the tracks display a surprising delicacy without sacrificing their club-oriented impact. Wendel's drum programming is intricate and nuanced, guiding listeners through a range of patterns and tempos that are constantly in flux. Secondly, the album's production is characterized by remarkable clarity, with little of the vinyl hiss or tape feedback that marked previous releases. This allows the listener to fully appreciate the detailed sound design and masterful manipulation of loops and synth lines.

The second disc, in particular, showcases some of Wendel's most compelling club-oriented tracks to date. The interplay of soulful chord stabs and brooding techno elements on "C2" is particularly captivating, while the breathtakingly emotive "D2" is a standout piece, evoking comparisons to a Disintegration Loops rendition of a Ron Trent record.

Vocal samples are woven throughout Workshop 32, hinting at a sense of magic and wonder that pervades the album. While it is tempting to search for narrative cohesion among these fragments, the album's true power lies in Wendel's mastery of crafting entrancing loops that could seemingly continue indefinitely. The result is an album that is at once unique and timeless, filled with sonic moments that listeners may never tire of experiencing.

Workshop released WORKSHOP 32 on Mon Feb 20 2023. The 10 track Techno release features Kassem Mosse.

Workshop has released vinyl by Kassem Mosse, Lowtec, Madteo, Magic Mountain High, Marcellis, Marvin Dash, Move D, Ital, Benjamin Brunn, Rising Sun, Da Halz, Fragment, Even Tuell, Sascha Dive, and Reagenz.

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