Jensen Interceptor WOD 008
Genre: Electro

Jensen Interceptor - WOD 008

Release Date: 01/05/2019

Cat No: WOD008

Format: Vinyl


  • jensen interceptor - smoke
  • jensen interceptor - smoke (timothy j fairplay remix)

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More about WOD 008

Weapons Of Desire released WOD 008 on Wed May 01 2019. The 2 track Electro release features Jensen Interceptor.

Weapons Of Desire has released vinyl by Andreas Gehm, Auto Sound City, Timothy J Fairplay, Jerome Hill, Iron Blu, Nite Vision, Jensen Interceptor, Posthuman, Snuff Crew, Granary 12, Mantra, Myriadd, Sync 24, Radioactive Man, and Rennie Foster.

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