Ian Carr | Nucleus Solar Plexus
Genre: Soul Jazz

Ian Carr / Nucleus - Solar Plexus

Be With

Release Date: 24/05/2023


Format: Vinyl


  • ian carr / nucleus - elements i & ii
  • ian carr / nucleus - changing times
  • ian carr / nucleus - bedrock deadlock
  • ian carr / nucleus - spirit level
  • ian carr / nucleus - torso
  • ian carr / nucleus - snakehips' dream

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More about Solar Plexus

Be With released Solar Plexus on Wed May 24 2023. The 6 track Soul Jazz release features Ian Carr, and Nucleus.

Be With has released vinyl by Leon Ware, Ned Doheny, Letta Mbulu, Hatchback, Nohelani Cypriano, Alec Mansion, Anna, Cassie, Eddie Hazel, Edna Wright, Funk Factory, Kylie Minogue, The Ahmad Jamal Trio, Willie Hutch, and The Necessaries.

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