Huerco S Colonial Patterns
Genre: Leftfield

Huerco S - Colonial Patterns


Release Date: 29/08/2023

Cat No: SFT0370

Format: Vinyl


  • huerco s - struck with deer lungs
  • huerco s - towards the sun plucked from the ground
  • huerco s - quivira
  • huerco s - anagramme of my love
  • huerco s - ija zhiid
  • huerco s - ragtime usa (warning)
  • huerco s - monks mound (arcology)
  • huerco s - prinzif
  • huerco s - hopewell (devil)
  • huerco s - fortification iii
  • huerco s - skug commune
  • huerco s - canticoy
  • huerco s - chunkee player
  • huerco s - angel (phase)

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Huerco S

More about Colonial Patterns

Software released Colonial Patterns on Tue Aug 29 2023. The 14 track Leftfield release features Huerco S.

Software has released vinyl by Airbird, Slava, Huerco S, Pablo Bolivar, Suicideyear, Ben Zimmerman, Co La, Megafortress, and Oneohtrix Point Never.

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