Grand River Crescente
Genre: Techno

Grand River - Crescente

Spazio Disponibile

Release Date: 12/10/2017

Cat No: SPAZIO011

Format: Vinyl


  • flies
  • horses
  • secondaria
  • all playing in jannah

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More about Crescente

Spazio Disponibile welcomes yet another new artist to their realm. This time the label welcomes producer Grand River for its 11th release, and one that marks something of a new direction where ambient and experimental music will sit next to more dance floor fare. It's a direction already hinted at with Marco Shuttles full album earlier this year, and is now realised once more by Aimee Portioli. She is a multi instrumentalist, soundtrack composer and known for her deep and atmospheric sound and debuts on Donato Dozzy and Neel's label with four lush ambient explorations. Across the course of the tracks, fizzing, grainy ambiance makes way for dark atmospheres, then brighter synths arrive late on to bring some light to the shadows. Elsewhere, undulating rhythms sway down low as muted keys and strings ripple in the distance. It makes for a cavernous world that keeps you in blissful suspense and overall this EP is a trip through a dark underground cavern with a spring day high up above. As well as this brilliantly cerebral EP, the future will also bring more Spazio label nights across the world starting in 2018.

Spazio Disponibile released Crescente on Thu Oct 12 2017. The 4 track Techno release features Grand River.

Spazio Disponibile has released vinyl by Voices From The Lake, Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, Mike Parker, Svreca, Neel, Crossing Avenue, Grand River, Le Officine Di Efesto, Valentino Mora, Modes, Anna Caragnano, Atomtm, Konduku, and Dorisburg.