Genocide Organ | Prurient Carte Blanche
Genre: Leftfield

Genocide Organ / Prurient - Carte Blanche

Hospital Productions

Release Date: 09/05/2023

Cat No: HOS600

Format: Vinyl


  • genocide organ / prurient - sivil war scapegoat
  • genocide organ / prurient - we all have no fate
  • genocide organ / prurient - i'm standing up
  • genocide organ / prurient - true son
  • genocide organ / prurient - layer of bodies
  • genocide organ / prurient - field operations
  • genocide organ / prurient - dark industrial pollution
  • genocide organ / prurient - pro-serial killer

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More about Carte Blanche

Hospital Productions released Carte Blanche on Tue May 09 2023. The 8 track Leftfield release features Genocide Organ, and Prurient.

Hospital Productions has released vinyl by Silent Servant, Vatican Shadow, Alberich, Alessandro Cortini, Clay Rendering, Ninos Du Brasil, Prurient, Ron Morelli, Shallow Sanction, Virile Games, Function, Lussuria, Exoteric Continent, Sannhet, and Traversable Wormhole.

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