Frak Project Digitalis
Genre: Techno

Frak - Project Digitalis


Release Date: 07/12/2018

Cat No: DP20

Format: Vinyl


  • frak - bleeder
  • frak - pc arrangement
  • frak - saved sickness
  • frak - fluids
  • frak - fixter
  • frak - kttu1
  • frak - kttu project

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More about Project Digitalis

FRAK are back on track with this dreamy album with deep dark hypnotic slow rhythmic tracks. This is experimental analog and haunting dancemusic at slow BPMs which gives you a glimpse of swedish smalltown dystopia in all its glory. The A1 track might give the impression that this is a romantic record and the A side in general will make big city people feel the urge to move to small towns again, but on the B-side it just gets darker and weirder (the smalltown kinda reveals its ugly underbelly) and it all ends with a track that would make the taped nipples fake fetishists in techno city shiver. I could say you need a mask to play this out, but lets not take it that far. For old fans of FRAK this record both delivers (A-side) and challenges (B-side). Me, I want doubles. -Joakim Cosmo

Borft released Project Digitalis on Fri Dec 07 2018. The 7 track Techno release features Frak.

Borft has released vinyl by Edmundy, Frak, Smea, Garonneman, Peel Md, Tilliander, U, Villa Abo, Brunst, Anders Enge, Simon, Joakim Cosmo, John Doppler, M Jupiter, and Daniel Andreasson.

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