Ordinary Drugs
Genre: House

Folamour - Ordinary Drugs

Label: FHUO

Release Date: 08/02/2019

Cat No: FHUOLP001

Format: Vinyl


  • Folamour - Intro
  • Folamour - Underwater Memories (Feat Wayne Snow)
  • Folamour - I Don'T Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6Am
  • Folamour - Don'T Make Me Leave You Again, Girl
  • Folamour - After Winter Must Come Spring (Feat Elbi)
  • Folamour - Parfums D'Aurore
  • Folamour - These Are Just Places To Me Now
  • Folamour - I Only Remember U When I Sleep (Feat Mark Borgazzi)
  • Folamour - Christmas Is Only Beautiful In Tv Shows
  • Folamour - Between The Nights
  • Folamour - Theme For Marie Marvingt

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More about this release

FHUO released Ordinary Drugs on 08 February 2019. The 11 track vinyl features Folamour.

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