Femi and Made Kuti Legacy Plus
Genre: Soul Jazz

Femi and Made Kuti - Legacy Plus


Release Date: 05/02/2021

Cat No: PTKF21891

Format: Vinyl


  • femi kuti - pa pa pa (lp1: stop the hate)
  • femi kuti - as we struggle everyday
  • femi kuti - stop the hate
  • femi kuti - land grab
  • femi kuti - na bigmanism spoil government
  • femi kuti - you can't fight corruption with corruption
  • femi kuti - show of shame
  • femi kuti - privatisation
  • femi kuti - set your minds & souls free
  • made kuti - free your mind (lp2: for(e)ward)
  • made kuti - your enemy
  • made kuti - blood
  • made kuti - different streets
  • made kuti - higher you'll find
  • made kuti - hymn
  • made kuti - young lady
  • made kuti - we are strong

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More about Legacy Plus

Partisan released Legacy Plus on Fri Feb 05 2021. The 17 track Soul Jazz release features Femi and Made Kuti.

Partisan has released vinyl by Eagulls, Kashawar, Ages and Ages, Baby In Vain, Bombino, Cigarettes After Sex, Deer Tick, Emel, Flock Of Dimes, Giammarco Orsini, Inner, Lontalius, Made Of Oak, Middle Brother, and Nico Yaryan.