Faten Kanaan
The Botanist and The Archaeologist

07 September 2016


Featuring Artists

Faten Kanaan



Spy Films


Sailors In Snow

Roman De Gare



Janus Point


Almendres Cromlech

Ballad Of S. Starling

Mouras Encantadas

Polytechnic Youth released The Botanist and The Archaeologist on 07 September 2016. The 12 track vinyl features artists including Faten Kanaan.

Faten Kanaan has released vinyl on Polytechnic Youth, More Than Human.

The record label Polytechnic Youth has released vinyl by Alpar, Morphoex, Dialectric, Adderall Canyonly, Dwinell, The Home Current, Dream Division, Mitra Mitra, Listening Center, Pye Corner Audio, Objeto, Faten Kanaan, Adam Leonard, Sunray, Vic Mars, Tomorrow Syndicate, Australian Testing Labs, Cite Lumiere, Hologram Teen, Cearley.

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