Exael Flowered Knife Shadows
Genre: Leftfield

Exael - Flowered Knife Shadows

Soda Gong

Release Date: 02/02/2021

Cat No: SODA006LP

Format: Vinyl


  • arad acid - koch metish (exael remix)
  • exael - quikgel
  • exael - boneheaded
  • exael - fig jelly
  • exael - anc
  • exael - ko
  • exael - rotor
  • exael - moon pie mix) - reality's sweetheart (with zoe darsee

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More about Flowered Knife Shadows

Soda Gong released Flowered Knife Shadows on Tue Feb 02 2021. The 8 track Leftfield release features Exael.

Soda Gong has released vinyl by Etelin, Kaspi, Stride, Flaty, Nick Malkin, Broshuda, Exael, Motoko and Myers, Eric Lanham, Mister Water Wet, James Emrick, and Atte Elias Kantonen.