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Efrain Rozas I Enjoy The World
Genre: Leftfield

Efrain Rozas - I Enjoy The World

Release Date: 30/01/2020

Cat No: RESLP002

Format: Vinyl


  • Arboles (Trees) - Efrain Rozas
  • No Good Without Evil - Efrain Rozas
  • Los Que Me Acompanan (Those Who Are With Me At Every Moment) - Efrain Rozas
  • El Miedo A La Muerte (The Fear Of Death) - Efrain Rozas
  • Desprenderse De Lo Humano (To Release All That Is Human) - Efrain Rozas
  • My Friends Are My Enemies - Efrain Rozas
  • The Instant Is The Only Thing That Exists - Efrain Rozas
  • Truth Is The Eternal Mother Of All Things - Efrain Rozas
  • Hell Is Within - Efrain Rozas
  • I Enjoy The World - Efrain Rozas
  • I Closed A Green Tornado In Your Heart & It Became A Seed - Efrain Rozas
  • Edipo Rey (Oedipus Rex) - Efrain Rozas

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More about this release

Futura Resistenza released I Enjoy The World on Thu Jan 30 2020.

The 12 track Leftfield release features Efrain Rozas.

Futura Resistenza has released vinyl by Efrain Rozas, Jacques Van Erven, Mylan Hoezen, Joost M De Jong Jr, Viktor Timofeev, Genetisis, and Kimberly Clark