E Control DNE
Genre: Electro

E Control - DNE

Childhood Intelligence

Release Date: 17/04/2023


Format: Vinyl


  • silent community - tribute of love
  • disinformation society - things will never change
  • audiofusion - reworked demo version) - forwards now (feat tinky kerruish
  • e control - passion
  • e control - based on a 1994 demo) - souly saturday (1996 version
  • e control - lunar landing
  • e control - don't stop the jam
  • e control - back to basics
  • e control - feel

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E Control

More about DNE

Childhood Intelligence released DNE on Mon Apr 17 2023. The 9 track Electro release features E Control.

Childhood Intelligence has released vinyl by Bigeneric, Dark Matrix, Fernando The Lobster, Derek Carr, Cozmic Jazzz Futurist, Dan Piu, Station Rose, The Nightstalker, Darren Nye, Soft Pioneer, Dawl, Electrodefender, and E Control.