Drexciya Harnessed The Storm
Genre: Electro

Drexciya - Harnessed The Storm


Release Date: 09/11/2022


Format: Vinyl


  • drexciya - digital tsunami
  • drexciya - soul of the sea
  • drexciya - dr blowfins' black storm stabilizing spheres
  • drexciya - song of the green whale
  • drexciya - lake haze
  • drexciya - mission to ociya syndor & back
  • drexciya - under sea disturbances

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More about Harnessed The Storm

Drexciya's 2002 release, "Harnessed the Storm", is a highly anticipated re-release of their groundbreaking album. This special edition pays homage to the duo's original vision by re-conceptualizing the cover artwork with Detroit-based artist Matthew Angelo Harrison.

The album is a commemoration of James Stinson's passing, and renewed appreciation for two of the most influential producers of the genre. Its title serves as a reminder of the duo’s creative ethos, being the first of the Seven Storms series which was produced within one single year. Here, Gerald Donald and Stinson experimented with different techniques and production styles, resulting in a dark, otherworldly record that has come to define the act.

For "Harnessed the Storm", Drexciya weaved together a fabric of frantic beats, morphing synths, juxtaposing soundscapes and intricate rhythms and melodies, solidifying their presence as two of the most influential artists in the field of electronic music. This special edition is an ode to their legacy and an invitation to explore the duo’s sophisticated and complex post-electronic universe.

Tresor released Harnessed The Storm on Wed Nov 09 2022. The 7 track Electro release features Drexciya.

Tresor has released vinyl by Bam Bam, DJ Deep, Deepside, Santonio, Xperiment, Aes, Drexciya, Future Beat Alliance, Infiniti Aka Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Audiotech, Kerri Chandler, Marcelus, and Maan.

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