Dresvn Atom In Hand EP
Genre: House

Dresvn - Atom In Hand EP


Release Date: 31/03/2023

Cat No: SUE027

Format: Vinyl


  • dresvn - track 1
  • dresvn - track 2
  • dresvn - track 3
  • dresvn - track 4
  • dresvn - track 5
  • dresvn - track 6

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More about Atom In Hand EP

Sued released Atom In Hand EP on Fri Mar 31 2023. The 6 track House release features Dresvn.

Sued has released vinyl by Svn, Sw, Dresvn, Pg Sounds, Xi, Club No No, Dynamo Dreesen, A Made Up Sound, DJ Fett Burger, Sotofett, Pst, Porn Sword Tobacco, Coral D, Dynatron, and Enrico Demuro.

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