Dreamcastmoe Sound Is Like Water
Genre: Hip Hop

Dreamcastmoe - Sound Is Like Water

Spectral Sound

Release Date: 23/03/2023

Cat No: SPCLPC1150

Format: Vinyl


  • dreamcastmoe - el dorado
  • dreamcastmoe - ru ready
  • dreamcastmoe - novacaine
  • dreamcastmoe - wear boots cloudy weather
  • dreamcastmoe - much more
  • dreamcastmoe - work on it
  • dreamcastmoe - love songz
  • dreamcastmoe - take a moment
  • dreamcastmoe - make ya mind up

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More about Sound Is Like Water

dreamcastmoe is the creative brainchild of singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ Davon Bryant, a lifelong Washington, DC resident. His music effortlessly flows between various moods and styles, encompassing electronic, R&B, funk, soul, and hip-hop, earning the label "soulful, cross-genre dance music" from Resident Advisor. Bryant's talent for adapting and refining his sound while remaining true to his artistic vision is deeply rooted in his home city's rich cultural history. "Most black kids in DC don't ever get to this point," he remarks. "This music is my tribute to the DC tradition of soul, empathy, and love that's ingrained in this city. My music is for real people grappling with life's challenges every day."

A versatile and contemporary artist, dreamcastmoe has flourished in the underground music scene since first sharing his work on Soundcloud and Bandcamp in 2017, followed by collaborations with labels like People's Potential Unlimited, Trading Places, and In Real Life Music. Bryant's relaxed demeanor, emotional sincerity, and captivating energy permeate his work and the way he discusses it. As highlighted in Crack Magazine's 2021 Rising feature, he exudes "a steady combination of confidence, creativity, and calmness." Raised playing drums in church, Bryant has experienced life's highs and lows, including working dead-end jobs and even selling off all his equipment at one point.

Spectral Sound released Sound Is Like Water on Thu Mar 23 2023. The 9 track Hip Hop release features Dreamcastmoe.

Spectral Sound has released vinyl by Benoit, Sergio, Audion, Fort Romeau, Mark E, Matthew Dear, Ryan Elliott, Subb An Feat Beckford, Yakine, Alexi Delano, Jtc, Lawrence, Light Year, Matrixxman, and Osborne.