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Don Carlos / Sean Mccabe / David Fioresse / Peppe Citarella / Art Of Tones / Reelsoul / Xxxy

De La Groove 2020


  • Don Carlos - Kissin’ (Club Mix)
  • Sean Mccabe - Take It On Up
  • David Fiorese & Peppe Citarella - Organ Ride (Part Ii)
  • Art Of Tones - Freaky Music
  • Reelsoul - Sunset
  • Xxxy - Eroma (Vinyl Cut)

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More about this release

De La Groove released Equilibrium on 20 November 2020. The 6 track vinyl features Don Carlos, Sean Mccabe, David Fioresse, Peppe Citarella, Art Of Tones, Reelsoul, and Xxxy.

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