Dmx Krew Tree in Space
Genre: Electro

Dmx Krew - Tree in Space


Release Date: 22/09/2023

Cat No: SHIP070

Format: Vinyl


  • dmx krew - parasite
  • dmx krew - tree in space
  • dmx krew - unbelief
  • dmx krew - meltdown

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Dmx Krew

More about Tree in Space

Ed DMX returns to the Shipwrec imprint for his sixth outing, reaffirming his status as an electronic music polymath. Operating under his seasoned DMX Krew moniker, the British virtuoso navigates through a labyrinth of electro, electronica, and techno, each track a distinct facet of his expansive sonic palette. "Parasite" kicks off the EP with a bassline that's as rubbery as it is resilient, providing a grounded foundation for ethereal melodies to float above. The drums, drenched as if in cosmic rain, add a tactile layer to the celestial atmosphere. The title track, "Tree in Space," is a quirky symphony of off-kilter bleeps and beats. Its robust basslines are punctuated by whimsical electrofunk brass notes, as if inviting the listener to a cosmic jazz lounge where genre labels disintegrate in the heat of musical alchemy. "Unbelief" is a study in contrasts, where skeletal scales clash and meld with a formidable wall of bass. The track's angularity is softened by sweeping keys that act as a gravitational force, pulling the disparate sonic elements into a harmonious orbit. Closing the EP is "Meltdown," a genre-defying concoction that blends acid, braindance, and techno into a singular auditory experience. The track is a nocturnal journey, where brooding notes and fractured percussion coalesce around a simmering 303 squawk, each element forging its own path yet contributing to a unified soundscape. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it's a testament to Ed DMX's enduring ability to stretch both boundaries and imaginations. It's a sonic tapestry where each thread, whether icy electro or textured techno, contributes to a larger, intricate pattern that only a craftsman of his calibre could weave.

Shipwrec released Tree in Space on Fri Sep 22 2023. The 4 track Electro release features Dmx Krew.

Shipwrec has released vinyl by Datassette, Dmx Krew, Doubleheart, Edmx, Felix Lenferink, Former Descent, Funckarma, Funckarma Vs Onionboy, Ghostek, Maarten Van Der Vleuten, Shit And Cheap, Steindor Kristinsson, Steiner, Drvg Cvltvre, and Ekman.

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