DJ Spinna | Hugo Lx The Astral Flight EP
Genre: House

DJ Spinna / Hugo Lx - The Astral Flight EP


Release Date: 24/01/2019

Cat No: NDATL022

Format: Vinyl


  • dj spinna / hugo lx - liquid keys
  • dj spinna / hugo lx - meteor mind
  • dj spinna / hugo lx - prickly

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DJ Spinna

Hugo Lx

More about The Astral Flight EP

NDATL continues with collaboration from DJ Spinna (NYC) & Hugo LX (Paris) Your flight begins with 'Liquid Keys' smooth lush workout with an ear tingling solo on top. 'Meteor Man' moves into a house break flow with beautiful horn injections. Then we move into uncharted territory with the sublime 'Prickly' a quirky instrumental groove that encompasses the listener while on this Astral Flight!

NDATL Muzik released The Astral Flight EP on Thu Jan 24 2019. The 3 track House release features DJ Spinna, and Hugo Lx.

NDATL Muzik has released vinyl by Abacus, Alexander Robotnik Vs Jan, Donnie Feat Kai Alce, Ndatl Muzik, Omar S, Robert Owens, Kai Alce, Theo Parrish, Loosefingers, Kzrc, Norm Talley, Kyle Hall, Specter, Marcellus Pittman, and Brett Dancer.

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