Die Form / Fine Automatic
Fine Automatic and Die Form

19 December 2017


Featuring Artists

Die Form

Fine Automatic


Caddy Musak

Freezer Musak

Flipper Musak

Autolyse 4024

Life Inside The Machines ( Bonus Track )

Orgasmechanism B05

Disabled Landscape

Tld 1 ( Tolerable Level Of Destruction )

M ( Part 1

Htdwd ( How To Die With Dignity )

Sequence Viol ( Bonus Track )

No Name ( 12/84v2 ) (bonus Track)

Rotorelief released Fine Automatic and Die Form on 19 December 2017. The 12 track vinyl features artists including Die Form, Fine Automatic.

Die Form, Fine Automatic has released vinyl on Rotorelief, Contort Yourself, Mecanica, Dark Entries.

The record label Rotorelief has released vinyl by Die Form Hurt, Die Form, Silver Apples, Takaaaki, Maurizio Bianchi, The Bonapartes, Le Syndicat, Honeymoon Cowboys Liberating The West, Nurse With Wound, Moodie Black, Aiz, Pharmakustik, Conrad Schnitzler, Brume, Lieutenant Caramel, Parazite, Sand, Vivenza, Urbain Autopsy, Mb.

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