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Too Much
Genre: Soul Jazz

Dego - Too Much

Label: 2000 Black

Release Date: 12/09/2019

Cat No: BLACKLP005

Format: Vinyl


  • Dego - A Strong Move For Truth (Feat Nadine Charles)
  • Dego - Good Morning (Feat Samii)
  • Dego - Remini Dream (Feat Ivana Santilli)
  • Dego - I Don'T Wanna Know (Feat Obenewa)
  • Dego - Unknown Faults
  • Dego - Life Can Be Unreal (Feat Sarina Leah)
  • Dego - Too Much (Feat Sharlene Hector)
  • Dego - You Are Virgo
  • Dego - Come Of Age
  • Dego - Just Leave It (Feat Lady Alma)
  • Dego - Ogawa Okasan Said Just Play
  • Dego - A Where Pringle Deh?
  • Dego - My Standards Are (Not) Too High

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More about this release

2000 Black released Too Much on 12 September 2019. The 13 track vinyl features Dego.

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